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jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2016

The Singer Melendi.

The Singer Melendi.

Ramon Melendi Espina is a popular celebrity.

His birthday is on 21th January.

He is Spanish,he was born in Oviedo.

He is an excellent singer; his music style is pop and rock.

He is very good looking.

He is medium height and he is thin.

He has got brown hair. His eyes are brown and they are beautiful.

Melendi's personality is also special.

He is hard working and clever.

He is my favorite singer.

I usually listen to his music in the evening.

My friends and I watch his music videos in my house.

My mother wants to buy the new CD  next week.

When I go to school I listen to his music with my phone.

Melendi works on  music show, called "the voice".

He has got a lot of CDs.