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jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2016



My house is very big.

There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room, a pet´s room and a big garden.

There are windows in all rooms.

In the living room there are two armchairs, six chairs, a table, a TV, a big sofa, two shelfs and a beautiful curtains.

 My mother´s bedroom is very big, there are two lamps, a big bed, a TV, a desk with two chairs and a beautiful curtain.

Sometimes I watch TV with my mother in her bed.

My brother´s bedroom is smaller than my mother´s bedroom.

There are two windows, a small bed, a little TV, a desk, a chair and a “play station 3” console but he never uses the desk because he never studies.

My bedroom is very large. 

There are two windows too, a bed with a big pillow, a very long desk with two chairs, and a big Melendi´s poster, my favorite singer.

In my house there is a normal kitchen, there is a cooker, a fridge, a table with two chairs, a little cupboard and a big shelf.

The pet´s bedroom is very comfortable. There is a big bed.
In my house there are two bathrooms, one of them is in my mother's bedroom, and the others is near the living room.

In the bathroom there are two windows, a mirror, a big picture, a sink and a shower.

In the garden there are a lot of trees and a little garage.

My mother wants to sell the house

If you are interested please call 666999555