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sábado, 9 de diciembre de 2017


Is Internet addiction really a problem?

I think Internet it's the future, is a good form of communication.

It's the best revolution in the world, but the Internet can be very dangerous.

This is a problem that affects a lot of people.

You can do everything with Internet…shopping, playing, reading, studying, watching TV, 

listening music,…I love it!!

Now, I'm going to answer the questions:

Do you email or message people in another country?

Yes, I chat with my cousin and my aunt. They send me pictures of France and Germany.

Have you got a personal blog or a personal webpage?

Yes, I have. I created a blog for the High School last year.

Do you ever chat with strangers on the internet?

I never chat with strangers.

Do you play games with people online?

No, I don't play very much online because I don’t have much free time.

How many hours do you spend surfing the internet?

Two or three hours a week.

Susana P. Bosch 2º ESO Grupo A

martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017


Norah Jones was an American singer-song writer and actress.

She was born in New York on 16th September, 1970.

When Norah was 16, her parents got divorced and she went to live in Texas with her mother. 

She went to the university to study jazz piano and she met Jesse Harris there.

At that time, they decided to start a band. First, she moved to New York and she signed a contract.

Next, she made five albums. After that, she won nine Grammy awards.

Finally, she got married and had a son but her husband got sick and she couldn´t continue singing so at the moment, she appears only in some films.



Today, the football match played between the Salobreña Sports Club and the Motril Sports Club.

The game started very slowly, until the young Salobreña player, named Susan, started playing.

The match ended with 4 goals from the Salobreña Team and 2 goals for the Motril Team.

This young girl is only thirteen years old and she is really a football promise.

Last season she scored 50 goals.

She usually plays in the central position, but she also plays on the right side.

Her physique is spectacular, she has a body similar to a young boy.

Tomorrow she has an interview with the Football Club of Granada, she can be a soccer player of the Granada Team.

We are followers of the player Susan, and we will continue to report her.

Good luck girl.


Situation 1

A: Do you want to learn a new language?
B: Yes, I´m good at languages.
A: Do you prefer learning French or German?
B: I like them both but I prefer French.
A: What´s your favourite activity?
B: I like taking photos.
A: What do you think of the Art lessons?
B: I don´t mind building models but I prefer painting pictures.
A: Do you enjoy performing in the band?
B: I don´t like performing in concerts but I love playing the guitar at home.

Situation 2

B: Do you want to learn competitive swimming?
A: Yes, I do. I like sport and I love swimming.
B: Do you prefer learning dancing or singing?
A: I like singing with microphone.
B: What do you think of the music lessons?
A: I don´t like studying songwriters but I like playing the flute.
B: Do you enjoy performing in the High School?
A: I hate acting with a lot of people because I have a scenic panic.


Hi María!

Look at my favourite photo.

This is a photo of my family, we are on the beach because it is summer and it´s my birthday.

The boy next to the umbrella is my brother. He usually listens to music, but he is playing football in the picture.
The woman in the green swimsuit is my mother. She is reading a book under the umbrella, between a tall man and a beautiful girl with a pink T-shirt and a white cap.
The man is my uncle. His name is Manolo. He is sending a text message.
The girl is my cousin, her name is Sofía and she is eating a sandwich.

I am in the sea so you can´t see me very well.

Call me later.